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Ku'Panda Skincare

Big Panda Bundle

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Ready to have the FULL Ku'Panda Experience from start to finish?
This Bundle includes: AWAKEN Facial Cleanser, ROSE TONER 2.0, SACRED Facial Mask and BUTTERFLY Creme. This routine leaves your skin hydrated, gently exfoliated, with incredible antioxidants from the incredible ingredients. This routine gives your skin the daily pick me up it needs so that you can feel beautiful as you accomplish your daily to do's. 


See individual product pages for full ingredient list.


Cleanse skin for 60 seconds using AWAKEN Facial Cleanser. Mist skin with Rose Toner 2.0 and apply a generous amount of SACRED Facial Mask. Allow mask to dry for 10 - 12 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Mist with Rose Toner 2.. Apply a generous amount of Butterfly Creme. Finish remaining routine.

Skin Type

Excellent Cleanser for All Skin Types

Customer Reviews

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New Fav Routine

I love complete sets of anything! With the Big Panda Bundle, I got the full experience and was able to track my skin’s improvement.

Within the first use, I knew I got my hands on something special. And within a week, it was confirmed. I was blown away by how soft and healthy my skin looked. People would ask if I was wearing foundation when I was not…!

I’m still obsessed with each product. Especially the cleanser. It is so gentle and effective. It cleans without drying my face. I also love the moisturizer- it feels like I’m giving my face a warm hug.

As a busy mom of three little ones, taking time in the AM and PM with my Ku’Panda skin care routine makes me feel special, rejuvenated, and youthful. It’s something I look forward to everyday.

Crystal Williams
My soft skin with a glow!

I am in love with the Awaken self foaming facial wash!! I am currently using the clarity skin toning mist on my face, neck and chest as I have some acne scaring. I don't have any type of irritation from using toner and have noticed that my skin is brighter. The butterfly cream is extremally moisturizing and I will be reordering to use as a daily moisturizer! I truly hope their will be a body collection soon! Def worth investing in not just for skin benefits but also simple self care. The instructions are easy and packaging look great aesthetically just sitting on my dresser.