Botanicals & Active Ingredients

Our Ingredient Philosophy is Simple and Effective

We strategically combine Plant Based Botanicals with Active Ingredients. Active Ingredients are Scientifically proven to deliver results based on clinical studies. We source raw herbs from all over the world to infuse each product with incredible plant based antioxidants and next level hydration.

Beyond the Herbs

In February 2022, Founder & CEO, Janae, spoke with SPARK Partners in Tucson, Arizona to share her journey as a Beautypreneur. Janae covers the highs, lows, and all the things in between. Click the video below to listen to her interview below.

For the Full Interview, click the link to listen.

Meet the Founder

"Why Beauty? The industry is so saturated."

Hands down this is my most asked question. But questions like this are quickly dissolved when others see just how unique and creative Ku'Panda's products truly are. We strive to deliver the most creative and sustainable solutions in skincare.

I hope you'll join the KP Fam, glow with us and witness the journey."

- Janae, CEO